Poster holders

Poster holder provide a superb base for the display of your information, our unique book style poster display is always a popular choice

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Book style poster display

Book style poster display units, ideal space saving way to present your posters and information.

  • space saving
  • double sided frames
  • choice of sizes and colours
  • anti glare covers


Frame colour options:

 White  Grey  Red  Blue  Black  Green  Yellow

Wall mounted panel sets

Features and benefits of a Acrylic Wall Mount Panel Poster Kit

Please note, there is currently a 2-3 day lead time on A1 black and white frames.

This style of poster frame is ideal for a variety of industries including retailers, estate agents, hotels, spas, restaurants and many more. The simplistic design is complimented by the simple installation, with all fixings supplied.

What colour are the panels available in?

The acrylic panels are available in your choice of clear, black or white.

What is the overall size of the frame?

  A5 overall size 29cm x 22.8cm

  A4 overall size 29cm x 37.7cm

  A3 overall size 39.7cm x 52cm

  A2 overall size 52cm x 69.4cm

  A1 overall size 69.4cm x 94.1cm

  A0 overall size 94.1cm x 129cm

What is included in the Panel Poster Kit?

Each poster frame comes complete with two acrylic panels and the correct number of wall mount fixings for the poster size;

A4 is manufactured in 3 mm Clear Acrylic and has 4 wall mounts

A3 is manufactured in 4 mm Clear Acrylic and has 4 wall mounts

A2 is manufactured in 4 mm Clear Acrylic and has 4 wall mounts

A1 is manufactured in 5 mm Clear Acrylic and has 4 wall mounts

A0 is manufactured in 6 mm Clear Acrylic and has 6 wall mounts

Paper size guide


Acrylic poster sleeve (wall mounted)

Protects paper inserts. Manufactured in 2 and 3mm clear acrylic. All edges polished. Other sizes manufactured on request.

To view adhesive pads, Velcro and magnetic fixings click here

POP-IN poster holders

Low cost styrene poster holder. With clear PVC cover. Wallmounts by means of keyholes. Available in Black or White. Use landscape or portrait. Other sizes manufactured on request.

Vacuum formed multi - pocket display

Easy change pockets. With 655mm wide x 105mm high header section. Manufactured in white styrene with clear PVC front covers. Overall size: 685mm W x 777mm H Other sizes manufactured on request.