Chalk board - cafe boards


Lean back Chalk boards

A counter standing Chalk Board is an ideal addition for creating inviting displays around your business. They can be used by many industries including hospitality, retail or leisure. Display your daily deals or prices on this easy to clean and easy to update Acrylic Chalkboard.

Chalkboard bundle

Chalk board essentials bundle

The pack includes the following best selling wooden products:

One Wooden Chalk A Board to boost footfall.

Two Framed Chalk Boards, one A1 and one A3.

Three Table Top Chalk Boards, ideal for menus.

One Chalk Board Eraser, to remove chalk, smudges and ink dust.

And finally, a pack of White Liquid Chalk Pens, to create stand out messages.


Chalk board "A" Frame

A Boards are great for advertising outside your premises to entice people in. AChalkboard A Board adds a rustic element to your brand and is easily updated throughout the day. This sign would look great outside cafes, bakeries, garden centres or even pubs looking to advertise what fixtures they are showing that day.

What is the Chalkboard made from?

This A Board is built with a solid 40 x 40mm timber frame and stained in dark oak. Our other chalkboards are built with a 20mm x 40mm profile, making this our highest quality most robust offering. It is completed with steel hinges on both sides to hold the board in place when in use.

Chalkboard - Darkwood frame

Chalkboards are a great accessory for businesses that regularly update their offers, prices or promotions as they can be wiped clean and updated in minutes. These work particularly well in restaurants, cafes or bars where food choices are updated as often as three times a day.

What is the Framed Chalkboard made out of?

The chalkboard panel is 3mm thick MDF which can be wiped clean in seconds and the frame is solid wood with mitred corners for a styled look.

Reversable chalkboard

Every company needs an A Board as they are great for advertising outside your premises to get people through the door. A Chalkboard adds a natural feel to your brand and is easily updated throughout the day - especially with this reversible functionality. This pavement sign would look great outside cafes, bakeries, garden centres or even pubs looking to advertise what fixtures they are showing that day.

How is the frame reversible?

The opening at the top of the frame allows the chalkboard insert to be lifted in and out and reversed quickly and efficiently so you can have four messages written at once. This will save you time when it comes to updating your displays.

Chalkboard panels x 20

These Chalk Board Panels are great for creating small signs around your business, whether it's a till promotion or a 3 for 2 bar promotion, these easily changeable panels are a great addition. Depending on how you position the sign or what you use as a stand, these panels are double sided for extra advertisement.

We have included a white liquid chalk marker but this product is also suitable with our Chalk Pens and matching Chalk Board Erasers!

We have a variety of sizes available including A8, A7 and A6.

These panels come in packs of 20 and are manufactured from 1mm thick polypropylene.

Hanging chalkboard

Chalkboards are a great way to add messages or offers around your store or bar. These would look great in a rustic style cafe, bakery or boutique for displaying prices within the store. They can be easily updated and wipe clean in seconds. The rustic rope will hold the weight of the board and only requires one nail for hanging.

How thick is the Chalkboard?

The Chalkboard panel is 6mm thick.

Chalkboard window display

Chalkboards are one of the most popular forms of POS at the moment with options available for all areas of the business. You can now display your chalk boards in your window or shop front to create stand out displays to attract the attention of passing trade. These are ideal for shops, bars, cafes or leisure centres.

What is the best way to update my window mounted chalkboard?

We recommend using our Liquid Chalk Pens to create effective displays on your Chalk Board.


The overall size of the chalkboard is 36cm W x 27cm H.

Snap frame chalkboard

A Boards are a great asset to any company as they attract the passing trade and potential customers. The double sided sandwich board includes an A1 snap frame on both sides but is also a chalkboard on both sides, meaning you can be as creative as you like with your advertising.

What is this A Board made out of?

It is manufactured with a 6mm thick melamine blackboard panel and a solid wood frame.

How thick is the snap frame?

The grip frame on this A Board is 25mm thick and finished in powder coated black.

Mini table top chalkboards

These stylish Mini Table Top Chalkboards are great for use in pubs, restaurants and cafes to promote current offers, a new menu or up and coming events. The board is double sided creating double the advertising space.

What is the Chalkboard made from?

The Chalkboard is manufactured from HPL - High Pressure Laminate, with an easy clean surface.

Will this Chalkboard work with standard chalk sticks?

This Chalkboard will work fine with chalk sticks, but it will also work perfectly with our Chalk Pens and matching Chalk Board Eraser!


Table top menu boards

Counter standing Chalkboards are a great way to promote offers that change regularly. These signs work well in pubs, bars and restaurants to show food or drink promotions but also work well in retail and can encourage last minute impulse purchases at the till.

Is the base included with the Chalkboard?

Yes, this product comes complete with a stylish dark oak finish base to create the perfect rustic menu holder.

Free standing wooden easel

Adding an Easel to your business is a great way to stand out from the competition with a unique and creative display. They are ideal for retailers, restaurants, pubs and bars and can be displayed at your entrance to promote your current offers or upcoming events. Choose from a wood, white or black frame to match your branding and decor.

What is the Easel manufactured from?

The Easel is manufactured from natural solid wood.

Chalkboard paint

Chalkboards are becoming more and more popular across a variety of sectors and industries, so creating a black board using paint is a cost effective simple way to keep your POS up to date.

What is the paint made from?

The Blackboard Paint is a non-flammable, non-toxic water based paint. The tin contains 250ml of paint.

What surfaces can I create my blackboard on with the paint?

This versatile paint can be used on wood, metal, glass or plaster board to create the perfect chalkboard POS display.

What can I use to write on the paint?

This paint can be used with liquid chalk pens or standard dry chalk sticks to create stand out messages and advertising.

Can the paint be used outdoors?

Yes, this paint is suitable for exterior use. If using outside, we recommend using with liquid chalk pens which become rain proof one hour after application.

Liquid chalk pens

Features and benefits of Liquid Chalk Pens

Liquid Chalk Pens are a fantastic modern adaptation of the traditional chalk stick. They are great for any business that uses a chalkboard, but their stand out quality is that the liquid becomes waterproof within one hour, protecting your outdoor sign from the rain. We have five colours available and two thicknesses - thin (5mm) and thick (15mm) so you can create the perfect effect.

Are the Chalk Pens waterproof?

Yes. The liquid becomes waterproof after one hour, making these a better option than chalk sticks for outdoor chalkboards.

How do I clean the Liquid Chalk Pens off the board?

Easy. The Chalk simply wipes off with our Chalk Board Eraser.


Chalkboard eraser

Features and benefits of a Chalk Board Eraser

A Chalk Board Eraser is designed for use with any of our Chalk Board Pens making it the ultimate accessory.

This spray removes smudges or accumulation of ink dust that can ruin your display.

Chalk Board Pens become rainproof after one hour but can still be removed with this purpose designed spray.

Slatted chain boards

Unlike other slatted chalkboards, the Slatted Chain Board’s unique design allows individual panels to be removed without interfering with the rest of the display

 suitable for traditional chalk or liquid chalk pens

6 × 3mm slats, each with 500 × 83mm writing area

Reverse individual slats or whole board

Overall : 550 × 935mm (header 210mm deep at centre)